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About Larkin Development Group

Larkin Development Group (LDG) has been a leader in Buffalo, New York in the transformation of the city’s rich stock of buildings from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s into mixed-use developments. The majority of the company’s real estate holdings are in buildings that were once part of the Larkin Soap Company.

The Larkin Soap Company, in Buffalo, NY, was one of the most innovative companies of its time (1875-1940) selling products for the home from “Factory to Family”, manufactured and sold from their headquarters in Buffalo, New York. With the Larkin Development Group’s (LDG) purchase and restoration of the signature 600,000 sq. ft. Larkin at Exchange Building (former Larkin Soap Co. Terminal Warehouse) many of John Larkin’s original ideals, such as innovative work spaces, customer service and employee amenities, have served as an inspiration to LDG in how they run their company and serve their tenants.

Since 2002, the LDG has been transforming the Larkin District, aka “Larkinville”, back to its roots, as a vibrant mixed use neighborhood, home to offices, residences, restaurants, parks and other public gathering spaces. Their portfolio of real estate includes multiple buildings and property in addition to the Larkin at Exchange Street Building, Larkin Square, The Larkin U Building, Millrace Commons and more.

Larkin Development Group is also proud to support neighborhood revitalization through grants to local social service providers. Buffalo is undergoing a resurgence with an influx of new businesses, affordable housing, walkable communities, and a broad array of locally owned small businesses and restaurants. It is rich in recreational and entertainment options.

Opportunities are available for leasing space in new or refurbished properties.

The Hydraulic Hearth Restaurant and Brewery, 716 Swan Street, opened in 2014 in a fully restored 1890’s former tavern and rooming house. The Hydraulic Hearth has a seasonal outdoor beer garden.

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The Larkin District

The Larkin District has been undergoing a renaissance due to the redevelopment and revitalization of its buildings and streets. For generations the neighborhood has been home to businesses and residences.

Starting in 1827, “The Hydraulics”, as it was known at the time, took off as the…

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The Central Business District

Larkin Development Group owns and manages several Properties in the central Buffalo business district. This includes the historic Root Building at 70 West Chippewa St. along with the recently built 598 Main St.

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To learn more about the opportunities in Larkinville or the central business district, please contact us.